Three Easy Tips for Enjoying Sushi

Sushi pic


Dana Bakos, Client Director at AchieveForum in Winnetka, Illinois, enjoys fresh sushi. As more and more sushi chain restaurants pop up around the United States, more people like Dana Bakos are learning how to properly enjoy sushi and find what this delicacy can truly offer. Here are a few tips that will improve the sushi experience.

1. Eat it all in one bite. While it might seem bizarre, the proper way to eat sushi is to place the entirety of it in your mouth at once. Taking bites is seen as improper or rude in traditional establishments. It’s recommended to eat with the fish side down, to savor the complex flavors.

2. Don’t drench it in sauce. It’s become common for people to combine large amounts of wasabi in soy sauce, and positively drench pieces of sushi in the mix. This can ruin the taste, and it’s better to place a small amount of wasabi on top of the rice, and only add a small amount of soy sauce to the fish.

3. Try new things. For westerners, raw fish can sound a little beyond the scope of comfort food. However, it’s best to work up bravery when eating sushi at a restaurant. Get comfortable with trying new rolls, and find new favorite dishes, instead of always sticking with the California roll.