Ways Yoga Can Help Boost Your Endurance

Endurance pic

Image: yogajournal.com

Dana Bakos, of Winnetka, Illinois, assists clients with leadership development. Dana Bakos of Winnetka enjoys yoga while she is not working.

Yoga is commonly known for being a relaxation exercise; however, yoga is also ideal for boosting performance for other types of exercise. As you engage in yoga, you will likely notice an increase in your power and flexibility. As you exercise and work the same muscle groups consistently, they will tighten up. Yoga can help loosen those muscles back up and get you ready for your next workout, as well as increase your range of motion so you can go deeper into particular moves, such as squats.

Aside from flexibility, you can potentially enhance your mental toughness through yoga, as the practice teaches a strong connection between mind and body. The more you dedicate yourself to yoga, the more apt you will be to push yourself harder when you engage in all workouts.