The Mission of Exodus World Service

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Exodus World Service

Winnetka, Illinois, native Dana Bakos currently serves as a client director for AchieveForum, a corporate training and consulting firm specializing in leadership development. Apart from her professional career, Dana Bakos supports many charitable organizations, including Exodus World Service.

When war and violence grips a country, refugees flee their homes looking for safety in other nations. The journey is often perilous. In addition to losing their homes and nearly everything they own, refugees are often subject to violence, torture, and in some cases, murder. The ones that manage to make it to the United States are often destitute and face an uphill battle to start over in a new country.

In addition to not knowing the language and struggling to assimilate to American culture, refugees also must overcome the mental and emotional scars that come with fleeing war and their homes. The mission of Exodus World Service is to rally the Christian community into a safe and welcoming space for refugees. Through educational and volunteer programs, the organization works to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of refugees.